Validating a form asynchronously using jquery in MVC

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A common requirement that is often requested in modern sites is for forms to be submitted and validated on asynchronously. This was also a question posed by @troyhunt recently.

Here is my usual approach to the problem using MVC4.

First thing we need is a form. This form sits in a partial view (Create.cshtml)

@using (Html.BeginForm()
        // Add validation summary
        @Html.LabelFor(m =&gt; m.Property1)
        @Html.TextBoxFor(m =&gt; m.Property1)
        @Html.LabelFor(m =&gt; m.Property2)
        @Html.TextBoxFor(m =&gt; m.Property2)
    <button id="submit-button" type="submit" value="Submit" />

The partial view is then placed inside a containing div on the main page

<div id="form-container">

Our post action is like any other, except for one thing. If all validation passes we return "success" as a string

public ActionResult Create(ViewModel viewModel)
    // Check model is valid
    if (!ModelState.IsValid)
        //Return the form with validation errors
        return this.PartialView(viewModel);

    //TODO: Perform success action

    return Content("success");

Finally, we have our javascript which will perform the post action<br />

@section scripts
<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
        $('#submit-button').on('click', function() {
            var form = $('#form-container form');
            var postUrl = form.attr('action');
            var postData = form.serialize();

            $.post(postUrl, postData, function (data) {
                if (data == 'success') {
                    //TODO: Add success action
                } else {